Fried Race – Menu Description

Appetizer:  Ran track in high school, and I was so slow that the coaches threw me into whatever event nobody else needed to take on, doing such events as the 200, 400, 800, 1600s, and, only once, a 4×200 relay.  I was an embarrassment.  But graduating high school I continued to run, mainly because it was the most accessible sport that I could do, and never required my being involved with a team or organized play.

Main Course:  I have been running now for 12 years, hitting a ton of milestones and making a great group of friends and colleagues along the way.  I work at a running store, which holds me rather accountable for my progress and whatever I recommend to customers.

Dessert: There are three goals that I have for running:

1.  For 2015, break 1:45 for a Half Marathon

2.  For 2016, Run the NYC Marathon

3.  Run a half or full marathon race in all 50 States.  It’s unrealistic to put a deadline due to certain immediate foresights, so I’ll just say in the next decade.


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