Wrap Tightly to Skin to Trap Moisture, Bake at 98 Degrees

“Running in place will never get you the same results as running from a lion.”

And THANK GOD that didn’t happen today, because I probably would’ve been eaten in a heartbeat.  The weather was at a sweltering 98F, and the entire time I was starting to glaze off.

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Run

Sorry for the delayed post.  I haven’t been on my computer in ages.  But my new job is awesome and keeping me busy, and I actually HAVE been running.  I actually did a 5k on Saturday and I am proud to report that I finally broke 25 minutes.  I am now in the big leagues.

I have just also learned how to make custom workouts for my Forerunner 410.  What makes this awesome is that I can name my workouts something like this:

Don’t be a bitch.

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